Xbox Game Pass: 22 awesome Xbox and PC games to play now

So many games, So little time. If you don’t know about Xbox Game Pass, now is the time to find out.

With all the hype surrounding the November launch of the Xbox Series X|S, some may not yet have caught on to Xbox Game Pass.

That’s a mistake: If you’re already a member of Game Pass, Microsoft’s attempt to create a Netflix for games, you know how crazy a deal it is.

The service has over 100 games, with more being added each month. And it’s not just quantity.

There are dozens of excellent titles, both AAA and indie, for you to delve into for $10 a month (or $15 if you get Game Pass Ultimate, which lets you select games to play on PC too) – ” Visit This Link Now “


Xbox Game Pass

Its list of games has impressively expanded since Nov. 10, when titles from EA Play joined the service for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

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