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WhatsApp flaw could allow stalkers to track you by exploiting online status feature

Unlike the Last Seen feature and Read Messages status features which could be disabled by users, the Online feature is by default active in the app and users do not have the liberty to change or hide their online status. …

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Adar Poonawalla urges US Prez to lift ban on export of vaccine raw material

Poonawalla had said earlier that US curbs were hampering scale-up of Novavax vaccine at Pune. Serum has collaborated with Novavax of US to make its vaccine here and supply to Covax at $3 a shot …

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US to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: Govt in Kabul may become the ‘sacrificial lamb’ says expert

With the Biden administration announcing withdrawal of US troops in September, there is growing concern in the countries in the region and especially for India. …

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